A quick way to check where your calls go to for a specific number for the business is to use a shortcut overview tool on the DID's page of the web login

Click the DIDs option under the CONFIGURATION menu dropdown

In the view click the icon under the ACTION column at the side at the number you need more information on

This will expand the view and show the call routing for a number including any hunt lists, conditions and time schedules and voicemails etc.

It will show the full flow of a call incoming to that number.

You can also drill into any point on the journey of the call, to see which users might be in a hunt list etc, or 'timeout' amount of time before it routes to the next destination.

On the screenshot above you will see, the call first checks the condition to see if dates match with the holiday, if it does it hits the message. If it doesnt it continues to the normal opening hours.

From there it either goes to the IVR or out of hours message.

The quickest thing to look at is make sure a green dot is at the end of each line as this is a quick way to check it seems to work ok.