It is worth keeping an eye on user call stats. Sometimes it may be that you want to keep an eye on the number of calls your staff make or the number of outbound calls your business receives, maybe even for certain times or days in the week.

The easiest way to find this information is by using the in built call stats tab. 

To find this follow the guide below.

Click the 'STATUS' tab on the left to expand the selection. If you have a long list of options under the 'CONFIGURATION' tab click to minimise this to make it easier to find.

in the expanded view you will now see the 'STATS' tab. Click into this

You will see the statistics tab now with the dates prefilled showing the last week

Select the date ranges you want by clicking each date and changing accordingly

(This search is best done using a month at the very most for each search, otherwise you may be waiting a long time for the system to collate or the data as it pulls through every call ever made or received between the dates selected which can run into thousands)

now click the 'FILTER' button and wait for the system to search. 

(You will see browser loading in its top bar while it pulls the data through.)

The first tab is 'USER ACTIVITY' which show a list of all calls made, answered, not answered, etc.

Use this for OUTBOUND call stats

The 'DID Activity' tab when clicked will show all 'INBOUND' call stats and break it down to each DDI

The inbound stats can be a good tool to see if you maybe had more calls a particular day of the week or maybe between a certain time period due to doing additional marketing etc.

Although predominantly used for call stats we also like to use this search for particular calls in the system too, or maybe even particular call recordings. The search is a much quicker way to find these things if you are searching smaller 'time windows'

We cover finding individual calls in our other post.

Once you have the stats list up showing the calls you are able to download the info to your device by clicking this icon on the far right