There are a couple of ways to pickup a call in the system. 

You can pickup a call to a specific extension, or alternatively you can pickup calls to a group.

For example if you work in the 'service dept' but sometimes help pickup 'sales' calls your phone may not usually ring with that group so you need to do a remote pickup from your own handset.

We have hardcoded the 'Group Call pickup' code in the system recently, so you will probably find the code for a group call pickup is to dial '*88' To check this go to the portal and click the 'FEATURE CODES' tab. This is around half way down under the 'CONFIGURATION' settings. (See screenshot below)

ifyou see this with the lock icon its already on the default, so you just need to check each extension setting as advised a little further down.

If you don't have anything there you can create it by doing as follows:

Click the 'NEW FEATURE' icon at the top right,

If the new window boxes enter the code '*88' (If this is already used we would advised deleting the other feature code and creating the call pickup using this one)

Type a comment for what the feature code is, i.e. 'Call Pickup' or 'Group Call Pickup'

Then select the 'destination' from the dropdown list. For group call pickup select 'PICKUP GROUP'

Scroll and click 'save' at the bottom of the page.

For picking up a specific extension the code shound be set up like below as a 'NEW FEATURE' and saved 

Note the extra bit after the *89 in the code [EXT] 

Make sure this is added too.

Any Feature codes where in the destination it has something within these [     ] you need to replicate the exact wording on the end of the feature code too like is shown above.

You have now created an extension pickup and group pickup.

There is now one final thing to check.

Click your 'EXTENSIONS' tab

In your list of extensions click into each extension.

In the extension details you will see a section near the top of the page which states as below

Make sure the pickup group and call groups are the same.

For different pickup groups/departments make sure you change the numbers, for 1 department select '1' the next '2' on each 

or for multiple groups, i.e. the user needs to pickup calls from various departments add multiple options, i.e 

Once added remember to save at the bottom of the page.

Now to pickup any group call you can use the code '*88' or any extension, dial *89 then the extension. So to pickup extension 201, you would dial *89201

Any further problems please email us at or log a ticket direct in our helpdesk here > 

It might well be that we need to check a setting within your actual handset. If you have call pickup failure examples please send these in too as it will help us diagnose your fault.


Jibba Jabba support team