Should you wish to record a message to play in the system, this can be done by dialling the default code '*75'

Once recorded and saved this file can be found in the 'Media Files' section of the PBX

Dial '*75' from any extension in the business.

Listen to the prompts.

You should hear along the lines of:

'After the tone, please say your temporary message and press the £ (pound) key' **

**The £ key it refers to is the # key


Upon hearing the 'beep', Record the message you would like then press the # key as you finish.

The options are then:

Press 1 to hear this message again (listen back to your recording)

Press 2 to Re-record the message

Press the pound (£) key to save (Remember the pound £ key is the # key) 

Once saved the message will be in your 'Media Files' section in the portal here>

By default the message will save the name of the file with the date/time it was recorded. We recommend clicking the name, renaming it to something more memorable and clicking 'save' at the bottom of the page

The file will now be available in the portal to select & play it back where required, i.e. IVR, Voicemail or after hours message


Jibba Jabba Support Team