A welcome email will arrive to each member of the team (see example attached)


In the welcome email you will find a link similar to the below. key part is the /webclient/#/login

The key header is: 

Your Web Client Login 



Click it and enter the username and password on the new window. 

(FYI - username is the extension number, password is listed next to this)

Once logged in, on the top left click to 'Install 3cx Browser extension, highlighted in BLUE

In the next pop up as shown above click to Install the 3cx browser extension.

This will open a new window, in here click the 'Add to Chrome' Button

Then click 'Add Extension' in the next pop-up

Now close the extra window and go back to the original page. In here click 'Activate your 3cx Extension'

and then click the blue highlighted text to 'Allow Notifications'

Next you will get 2 x pop-ups.


on the left notification pop-up

Then on the right. Click OK

Next click SETTINGS, on the left, followed by PERSONALISE, then into AUDIO/VIDEO.

Make sure your headset is plugged in and selected in each option for SPEAKER, RINGER and MICROPHONE.

If the window shows this message

Just head to your computer 'sound settings' and check that you have the headset set in the correct settings for the dropdowns for microphone etc in there too.


If you experience any issues using the Chrome Extension, for example, unable to answer calls or just similar issues where it doesn't seem to be working as it should please refer to our article here - https://jibbajabba.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000626220