A welcome email will arrive to each member of the team (see example attached)


In the welcome email you will find a link similar to the below. key part is the /webclient/#/login



Click it and enter the username and password on the new window. 

The username and password details are available next to the above example type link in the welcome email.

(FYI - username is the extension number, password is listed next to this)


Once logged in head, scroll down the left menu to the 'Apps' icon and click it. 

In the new screen click the 'windows desktop app' icon.



 Next click 'INSTALL' under the Download and Install the 3cx Windows Desktop app.

Run and install the downloaded app, but keep the above window open still.

You should then be able to open the new 3cx desktop app but it will not have any accounts configured.

 Next return to this window, and this time click 'PROVISION'

You may be prompted with a pop-up window. Please tick the box to 'always allow' then the 'Open 3cx Desktop App'

Your app should now be provisioned.

Next click the '3 dots' in the left menu, then SETTINGS

Then work througheach menu, from GENERAL and going down, to tweakyour setup and view.

remember to head into the 'Audio/Video' section to select the correct headset for your app.

If your company use call QUEUES, remember to dial *62 to log the extension into any queues it will be listed in.

The ‘user manual’ is a good thing to read too as this has guides for call transfers, logging in and out of queues etc. 

This can be found here - https://www.3cx.com/user-manual/


If users stuck get the free download of anydesk available at www.anydesk.com on the machine and we can jump on it and sort if you send over the 9 digit ID