This guide will be showing you how to successfully transfer a call using the transfer feature on the dialler. We will be going through both inbound and outbound transfers.

(1) Located at the top of the page you will find a transfer button. This button will only appear when you are on a call with a client.

(2) Once selected, a transfer box will appear. You can select to do an ‘Internal transfer’ or ‘External transfer’. Internal would be for Agent to Agent transfer and external will be Agent to Number.

(3) For an internal transfer, you will have to select one of the options from the dropdown as shown in the screenshot. Once selected, you will need to select the agent you would like to transfer to. Once done, you can hit ‘Dial Now’ or ‘Transfer’.

On hold – This will put the customer on hold whilst you get put through to the transfer line.
3 way – This will put you, the customer and transfer line on to a conference call.
Closer – This will transfer the call to the next available closer agent.
Dial Now – This will do what you have selected from the drop-down.
Transfer – This will transfer the client over to the transfer line; ending the call you are on.
Hang-up– This will hang-up the transfer line and not the client’s line.

Please be aware:
1. Make sure that the number you are transferring to is entered without the country code (+44, +0, +1, etc).
2. Make sure that the number you are transferring to is valid.